Wednesday, December 6, 2006

The most retarded spam attempt evarrr

Just got this beauty in a hotmail account:

Wow. I am teh so fooled! Using Apple's own header and footer - and then presenting me with a so-called "EDPills" layout.

Link in the email goes to a fetish / contortionist video website which has been hacked to provide a redirect to one of the thousands of Health Nation websites (a Leo Kuvayev property. We'll talk about him eventually also.)

This looks pathetic, stupid, and desperate. Not necessarily in that order.

Fetish video website has been notified, as has Apple's legal team.

We're seeing more and more stupid spam this month. By stupid I mean genuinely un-smart. Several stock messages I've received have featured no payload or mention of the stock itself. Other times the message claims to be about a hot stock tip, only they include a link that points to a site like Pharma Shop or Discount Pharma. It's a sign that they're precisely what I think they are: stupid, desperate, and possibly running out of options.


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