Wednesday, November 28, 2007

One More Dangerzone Transcript

I forgot one last one from yesterday, so here it is:

AOL IM Session between Steve Joseph and Marion Lynn, Wednesday August 22nd, 2007
StaySpamming1 = Steve Joseph (bulkerforum username: Lizza and flores9xx)
SpringLilCobra = Marion Lynn (bulkerforum username Nick Danger)
Screen capture image of this chat session as posted by Marion Lynn on Nov. 24, 2007 on

SpringLilCobra [11:57 A.M.]: Let's go down and get dollar drunk so that we can have a talk
StaySpamming1 [11:57 A.M.]: yeah
StaySpamming1 [11:57 A.M.]: id hit him in head wammer
StaySpamming1 [11:57 A.M.]: won't be peaceful w/me an him
StaySpamming1 [11:58 A.M.]: I got anger built in for him
SpringLilCobra [11:58 A.M.]: Yeah, DDOS HIS ASS!
StaySpamming1 [11:58 A.M.]: an his fake god ass!
StaySpamming1 [11:58 A.M.]: oh yeah w/my fist
StaySpamming1 [11:58 A.M.]: He hasn't been out the house in 30 years
SpringLilCobra [11:58 A.M.]: :)
StaySpamming1 [11:58 A.M.]: gonna walk him around the block like my puppy
StaySpamming1 [11:58 A.M.]: hands an feet, dont obey I kick thatk id in the ass!!!!
StaySpamming1 [11:58 A.M.]: boy do I hate dollar
StaySpamming1 [11:58 A.M.]: hes so fake, and people worship this shit. he was once a Blood/Crip
StaySpamming1 [11:58 A.M.]: gang member
StaySpamming1 [11:58 A.M.]: drug addict
StaySpamming1 [11:58 A.M.]: now hes a god spammer? lol
SpringLilCobra [11:59 A.M.]: Yeah that is a bit funny. Is he black?
StaySpamming1 [11:59 A.M.]: white as snow
StaySpamming1 [11:59 A.M.]: chubby child
StaySpamming1 [11:59 A.M.]: Real nerdy, lots of acne
SpringLilCobra [11:59 A.M.]: that's what I thought. How he be a crip?
StaySpamming1 [11:59 A.M.]: he just acts the part on line
StaySpamming1 [11:59 A.M.]: lol
StaySpamming1 [11:59 A.M.]: He always used to come on aol talking about
SpringLilCobra [11:59 A.M.]: I thought only niggaz was Crips
StaySpamming1 [11:59 A.M.]: 'Yo nigga Ill ice you couzz'
StaySpamming1 [12:00 P.M.]: 'Yo son Ill ice you up nigga fo real mayn'
SpringLilCobra [12:00 P.M.]: I'll shove ice up his ass!
StaySpamming1 [12:00 P.M.]: god I remember him
StaySpamming1 [12:00 P.M.]: then two weeks later he came in
StaySpamming1 [12:00 P.M.]: wannabe
StaySpamming1 [12:00 P.M.]: cKilla
StaySpamming1 [12:00 P.M.]: blood gang!
StaySpamming1 [12:00 P.M.]: ii said ahh shit
StaySpamming1 [12:00 P.M.]: mental DISORDER!
StaySpamming1 [12:00 P.M.]: x-socs on line but cant answer his own posts
StaySpamming1 [12:00 P.M.]: i love it
StaySpamming1 [12:00 P.M.]: LOL
StaySpamming1 [12:00 P.M.]: X-COCKS
SpringLilCobra [12:00 P.M.]: Yeah, he is most likely a very unhappy person
SpringLilCobra [12:01 P.M.]: I notice that everyone but mega is leaving me alone pretty much
StaySpamming1 [12:01 P.M.]: lol
StaySpamming1 [12:01 P.M.]: id love him to post
SpringLilCobra [12:01 P.M.]: mega is really pissed
SpringLilCobra [12:01 P.M.]: scared actually
StaySpamming1 [12:02 P.M.]: id say Uh, Don't you got enough issues from scamming your clients? Then sending a confirmed no good guy like email4marketer money? which you never sent? You had ronn send it? then you go bitch a storm after the guy when he clearly scammed you? Why not get a job or spam for your services and earn money, instead of borrowing money for your services
StaySpamming1 [12:02 P.M.]: Stop trusting people and do your own damn work, Lastly, Mind your dman Business and answer your own threads!
StaySpamming1 [12:02 P.M.]: ya bitch!
StaySpamming1 [12:02 P.M.]: :D
StaySpamming1 [12:02 P.M.]: god id love these kids in my room
StaySpamming1 [12:02 P.M.]: ;[

Again: mostly so that it becomes searchable text as opposed to just a jpg, which is all that Marion Lynn posted.

Not terribly much insight in this one other than to further underscore what a ridiculous soap opera Bulkerforum has become. I think we all thought they were pretty small fry before, but these kinds of discussions only further that impression.


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Monday, November 19, 2007

[] XtraSize / Elite Herbal Supplements Will Kill You!

I keep getting spam which abuses Google's "I'm Feeling Lucky" button. Usually a url just like this:

The goal is to rank the domain up high enough that it is automatically the first choice for Google, a domain which is whitelisted and very commonly accepted by most email domains.

It is of course yet another feeble, desperate attempt to "hit inbox" (as the spammers call it) of as many people as possible, especially those who never wanted it in the first place.

If you remove the segment at the end which wants to include the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button, you can see that they even tried monitoring its page rank for a few days, and those results are part of the urls which are referenced by that search.

Fortunately in this case it is redirecting to a domain ( which has already stopped being hosted. And possibly is automatically redirecting you here. :) (It's happened before.)

The sad truth is: some people out there get suckered into this scam and assume that they will be able to enlarge their penises. Not only do they NOT end up with the desired results, there is significant evidence that these "herbal supplements", spammed en masse on behalf of "Elite Herbal" and "ManXL", can lead to death, particularly for members of their target audience (males aged 40 and up who experience erectile dysfunction.) Many men at that age experience blood pressure issues, making the taking of these so-called "supplements" an extremely dangerous proposition.

This is nothing new, of course. Spammers have been promoting lethal fake pharmacies for years now. It's just surprising the lengths that they will go to to reach people who rather obviously have absolutely no interest in their "products."

They can all go to hell as far as I'm concerned.

SiL / IKS / concerned citizen

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Bulkerforum Exposition (Again)

I guess that saying really is true: when it rains, it pours.

Our old wackjob - I meannnn - pal, Marion S. Lynn, aka Nick Danger, continues to blow a gasket and has created a fabulous blog of his own at, and went and told everyone about it at the revered newsgroup: NANAE. Trust me when I say that for once it makes for some interesting reading, but that is not thanks to any pearls of wisdom from Mr. Lynn. Instead it's from the hidden sections he's chosen to post. Bulkerforum created a hidden / private forum where I'm sure the privileged members who are able to see and contribute have all been either happily patting each other on their backs about how devilishly clever they all are, or more likely lamenting what a ghost town bulkerforum has become over the past several months. None of use ever thought they would all become so untrustworthy that nobody would ever want to do business at that forum, but wow: they've really outdone themselves.

Well it turns out that the private forum is really just "more of the same" from what I see posted on spamgossip (all of which I am of course saving, mostly for posterity. Law enforcement probably already had most of the info Mr. Lynn carefully selected for posting on his fabulous blog.

Well it certainly has raised the ire of a few of the members. The only realy drawback to all of this is that it came from Nick Danger in the first place. The man is an imbecile who probably couldn't figure out how to hit "send" on his very first spam run. Why couldn't it be someone like mcproxy, or perhaps dollar (long missing from that forum) who dropped the dime? Or rackspace?

Anyway for your further reading enjoyment, here are a few of the catty responses posted to bulkerforum in the wake of today's expository blog creation (some of the urls will wrap, unfortunately. Blogger's layouts are pretty rigid.) I notice they use a lot of my very own research in exposing Nick Danger / Marion Lynn all over again. I'm sure Lynn will again claim how all of this is just dandy for his business.

Enjoy (?)




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Posted: Thu Nov 15, 2007 4:09 am


It was Nick Danger real name Marion Lynn that stole Rackspace's login/password and stole info from the forum and posted it on an anti informant site and has now just bragged to NANAE how fucking smart he is


Anyway back to the story .. Nick was not smart at all he was fucking dumb he
showed his real IP in the message : ( that's Kansas City where Nick Lives ..

Here is complete details we have so far and his family feel free to call this
piece of shit or go visit him :

913-766-5168 his phone number where he lives with his aged mother.

1021 1/4 Mass.Lawrence, KS 66073
201 West Bridge
PO Box 23
Lawrence, KS 66073
785-856-6200 fax: 785-856-6200 www.rivercitytalk - nick danger

ex wife = SHERI RAYE LYNN (Age: 55)

Ben Campbell-Bradley is his bum boy
in photo.

MARION J LYNN (Age: 75) Daddy
Braeden J Lynn
Shirley J Lynn
Smith Shirley Lynn
Kenneth G Lynn
Sheri Lynn
Shirley J Lynn
Smith Shirley Lynn
Braeden J Lynn
Kenneth G Lynn
Marion S Lynn

Holdings, RJ
6324 N Chatham Ave Suite #300
Kansas City, MO 64151-2473
Investigative Reporter Marion Sydney Lynn
m_84704d3a1141ca924d6336927c5b50f1.jpg (with bum boy Ben)

It has been suggested from prominent member who knows police procedures that we should drop dime on nick danger from several places in the country we need folks to call his local CRIMESTOPPERS (ANONYMOUS) and tell them hes running a hacking operation from his home.
All calls to local crime stoppers are anonymous.

4 or 5 complaints and they should be able to get a warrant to search his home and take his systems and they find all the hacking EVIDENCE.. stealing identities, etc probably kiddy porn, bye bye for 15 years Smile

This wierdo is a total psycho and a dedicated anti informant he got amonst us earlier and we befriended him although we were a bit suspicious of him from the start, and he turns on us and informs and brags about it how smart he is.

Hope karma gets him big time.



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Posted: Thu Nov 15, 2007 6:45 am
Post subject:

Hmmm... could it be this is the same k00k with the alias "TheUnknown" who made the post about me on hxxp:// The same guy who tried so hard to gain my trust on specialham and on IRC a few years back? The same guy who also tried so hard to pose as a bulkmailer on both SH and on IRC asking everyone for info? The same guy I exposed and humiliated on IRC and specialham? The one who someone had the aim convo with which within it he claimed he was in college and his mommy wouldnt let him leave at... 9pm CST US time to meet someone off... wasnt it 74th .. or 55th and paseo in KC? aahahahaa... Huh Marion/Bradley? Come on, come ride the PASEO some night in the red suburban with those fine chaps off 55th then hit 29th N to the bridge.. Really. I think theyd hit it off with you great. ;-)

I think there is a good chance this KC MO punk and his young buddy he lives with are possibly the former alias "TheUnknown" as well. Question is whho does what, who posts and who poses as the elite h4x0r? Who is the retarded nut who comes up with the posts? wait... theyre probably both mentally challenged.

I hear Kansas is lovely around this time of year.
*Marketing Advice* Need something? Don't want to get ripped off? I can send you the right direction.

I don't like intellectual midgets having any sway over how successful I am, with some silly insult or false accusation on the boards.



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Posted: Thu Nov 15, 2007 10:08 am
Post subject:

Thanks phantom. nice work

P.S. I wish someone would do this for the Russian forums out there. Everyone knows that's where the real meat is.