Wednesday, November 28, 2007

One More Dangerzone Transcript

I forgot one last one from yesterday, so here it is:

AOL IM Session between Steve Joseph and Marion Lynn, Wednesday August 22nd, 2007
StaySpamming1 = Steve Joseph (bulkerforum username: Lizza and flores9xx)
SpringLilCobra = Marion Lynn (bulkerforum username Nick Danger)
Screen capture image of this chat session as posted by Marion Lynn on Nov. 24, 2007 on

SpringLilCobra [11:57 A.M.]: Let's go down and get dollar drunk so that we can have a talk
StaySpamming1 [11:57 A.M.]: yeah
StaySpamming1 [11:57 A.M.]: id hit him in head wammer
StaySpamming1 [11:57 A.M.]: won't be peaceful w/me an him
StaySpamming1 [11:58 A.M.]: I got anger built in for him
SpringLilCobra [11:58 A.M.]: Yeah, DDOS HIS ASS!
StaySpamming1 [11:58 A.M.]: an his fake god ass!
StaySpamming1 [11:58 A.M.]: oh yeah w/my fist
StaySpamming1 [11:58 A.M.]: He hasn't been out the house in 30 years
SpringLilCobra [11:58 A.M.]: :)
StaySpamming1 [11:58 A.M.]: gonna walk him around the block like my puppy
StaySpamming1 [11:58 A.M.]: hands an feet, dont obey I kick thatk id in the ass!!!!
StaySpamming1 [11:58 A.M.]: boy do I hate dollar
StaySpamming1 [11:58 A.M.]: hes so fake, and people worship this shit. he was once a Blood/Crip
StaySpamming1 [11:58 A.M.]: gang member
StaySpamming1 [11:58 A.M.]: drug addict
StaySpamming1 [11:58 A.M.]: now hes a god spammer? lol
SpringLilCobra [11:59 A.M.]: Yeah that is a bit funny. Is he black?
StaySpamming1 [11:59 A.M.]: white as snow
StaySpamming1 [11:59 A.M.]: chubby child
StaySpamming1 [11:59 A.M.]: Real nerdy, lots of acne
SpringLilCobra [11:59 A.M.]: that's what I thought. How he be a crip?
StaySpamming1 [11:59 A.M.]: he just acts the part on line
StaySpamming1 [11:59 A.M.]: lol
StaySpamming1 [11:59 A.M.]: He always used to come on aol talking about
SpringLilCobra [11:59 A.M.]: I thought only niggaz was Crips
StaySpamming1 [11:59 A.M.]: 'Yo nigga Ill ice you couzz'
StaySpamming1 [12:00 P.M.]: 'Yo son Ill ice you up nigga fo real mayn'
SpringLilCobra [12:00 P.M.]: I'll shove ice up his ass!
StaySpamming1 [12:00 P.M.]: god I remember him
StaySpamming1 [12:00 P.M.]: then two weeks later he came in
StaySpamming1 [12:00 P.M.]: wannabe
StaySpamming1 [12:00 P.M.]: cKilla
StaySpamming1 [12:00 P.M.]: blood gang!
StaySpamming1 [12:00 P.M.]: ii said ahh shit
StaySpamming1 [12:00 P.M.]: mental DISORDER!
StaySpamming1 [12:00 P.M.]: x-socs on line but cant answer his own posts
StaySpamming1 [12:00 P.M.]: i love it
StaySpamming1 [12:00 P.M.]: LOL
StaySpamming1 [12:00 P.M.]: X-COCKS
SpringLilCobra [12:00 P.M.]: Yeah, he is most likely a very unhappy person
SpringLilCobra [12:01 P.M.]: I notice that everyone but mega is leaving me alone pretty much
StaySpamming1 [12:01 P.M.]: lol
StaySpamming1 [12:01 P.M.]: id love him to post
SpringLilCobra [12:01 P.M.]: mega is really pissed
SpringLilCobra [12:01 P.M.]: scared actually
StaySpamming1 [12:02 P.M.]: id say Uh, Don't you got enough issues from scamming your clients? Then sending a confirmed no good guy like email4marketer money? which you never sent? You had ronn send it? then you go bitch a storm after the guy when he clearly scammed you? Why not get a job or spam for your services and earn money, instead of borrowing money for your services
StaySpamming1 [12:02 P.M.]: Stop trusting people and do your own damn work, Lastly, Mind your dman Business and answer your own threads!
StaySpamming1 [12:02 P.M.]: ya bitch!
StaySpamming1 [12:02 P.M.]: :D
StaySpamming1 [12:02 P.M.]: god id love these kids in my room
StaySpamming1 [12:02 P.M.]: ;[

Again: mostly so that it becomes searchable text as opposed to just a jpg, which is all that Marion Lynn posted.

Not terribly much insight in this one other than to further underscore what a ridiculous soap opera Bulkerforum has become. I think we all thought they were pretty small fry before, but these kinds of discussions only further that impression.


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