Wednesday, September 22, 2010 Closing down?

After a tip from a few different sources, I was informed that the domain is now showing the following message:

Уважаемые партнеры и коллеги,

В связи с длинной чередой негативных событий последнего года и обострившимся вниманием к деятельности нашей партнерской программы, мы приняли решение свернуть свою деятельность и прекратить прием трафика с 1 октября 2010 года.

Мы считаем, что в создавшейся ситуации такое решение является наиболее правильным, т.к. оно позволяет полностью избежать рисков внезапной, незапланированной остановки, которая обязательно повлекла бы за собой коллапс всей деятельности нашей программы и, скорее всего, привела бы к невыплате заработанных вами средств. В нашем же случае, все заработанные средства будут выплачены в обычном режиме. Кидков не будет.

Пожалуйста, используйте оставшееся время для своевременного перевода трафика на другие партнерские программы.

Спасибо что работали с нами, мы очень ценим ваше доверие!

Dear partners and colleagues!

Because of the numerous negative events happened last year and the risen attention to our affiliate program we’ve decided to stop accepting the traffic from 1.10.2010. We find the decision the most appropriate in this situation. It provides avoiding the sudden work stop which leads to the program collapse and not paying your profit.

In our case the whole profit will be paid normally. All possible frauds are excluded. Please transfer your traffic to other affiliate programs till 1.10.2010.

Thank you for your cooperation! We appreciate your trust very much!

Here's a screenshot of from around an hour ago:

This was the output on and Now I and many others notice that no longer resolves as a domain. is also down but I don't know if that had been the case prior to today.

Note that no such notice appears anywhere on (long alleged to be their sister company.)

The #1 criminally-operated spam operation in the world is suddenly shutting down? (Albeit, possibly temporarily. I'll check back on Oct. 1st of course.)

The "numerous negative events" possibly refers to the loss of Mastercard processing which happened several months ago, and "the risen attention to our affiliate program" possibly means coverage from this blog but also several other media outlets, most notably a large amount of coverage in the Russian press.

If Spamit as an affiliate operation were in any way operating legally or legitimately, this media coverage would not be a cause to shut down. This only goes to show you what a scumbag, criminal operation Spamit and Glavmed have always been.

The fact that spamit domains specifically are shutting down the same day a few sources told me to check this page out indicates some Very Bad Things could be underway for the operators of Spamit.

This could be a very interesting few weeks.