Monday, May 7, 2007 touchy touchy!!

Suddenly, and apparently apropos of nothing, one "Nick Danger" decided that it's time to "take down" a site that is performing research on the members of that forum. It's a website with a fairly niche readership, to say the least:

You may want to cover your ears (eyes?) as Mr. Danger has quite a mouth on him.

And I quote:

Subject: Time To Do A Takedown On "Spam Court"!
Posted: Mon May 07, 2007 1:24 am

These fuckers need the TREATMENT!

"Spamhaus, Junior"!

SOMEONE needs to do a "Blue Security" on them, like RIGHT THE FUCK NOW!

If this post reads as though I am calling for open warfare on these bastards; that is EXFUCKINGZACTLY what I am doing!

I don't have the wherewithal or the expertise, otherwise, I'd do it myself.

Let me know how I can help.


Nick Danger.
He walks again by night.

Now: why on earth would he suddenly wish to be undertaking such a loud, public and illegal act?

It doesn't appear that the website has any deep information on Nick Danger. (Although that is certainly not difficult to dig up, trust me.) Instead, it appears that the information which spurred this angry tireade from Mr. Danger is a recent posting regarding a member by the name of "mcproxy", who also has been pretty obvious about leaving trails of evidence to his true identity over the years he's been active in the business of spamming. I say this because the posting regarding mcproxy (on Spam-Court) was posted on May 5th, 2007. No posting has been made regarding Nick Danger since September of 2006.

The posting as it currently appears on Spam-Court reads as follows:

[Removed out of respect for Spam-Court doing the same. Essentially very scant details identifying member "mcproxy"]

That sounds pretty... obscure. It is clear that he may have more detailed info which he has chosen NOT to divulge, and most crucially: it's not like any of this is difficult to trace back at all. I myself could have made a similar posting many months ago but thought it wouldn't really be worth anything. Apparently I was mistaken.

Compare and contrast that with what is currently present on Spam-Court regarding Nick Danger:

Nick Danger
Posted September 17th, 2006 by TheScribblers
We have seen that one before, probably on SH. Small fish, even not that.
We are a bit afraid of Marion though. A geek with a gun and he is a little cobra too.
Honestly Marion, get out of there before it is too late.
Find something else to do.

If this vague set of references -- to someone else!! -- is what has Nick Danger (et al) so riled, why hasn't mcproxy piped up and done something about it? In fact his reply to Nick Danger's call to arms was decidedly more diffusive:

New postPosted: Mon May 07, 2007 11:41 am
Not the best researchers(haha) but Nick has a point. It's one of the few groups that watches BF closely. And that's a problem.

It's a problem that people will want to watch a public forum? What is this: communist Russia for Pete's sake?

It is clear from many months of watching their little hive of activity that mcproxy is much more technically savvy than the volcanic Mr. Danger. (Great name there by the way, buddy.) This must mean that the info is indeed bang on, and means that any idiot out there who really wanted to could probably connect a few dots from this teensy, scant bit of information. Again: these spammers are about as tight-lipped about what they leave in the public domain - including what they post on their deal-making forum - that if they actually do perform this DDOS attack, and it does knock the site out, the owner of Spam-Court would most definitely have several legal legs to stand on, since it is clear that he has identified at least two of the individuals who would be directly contributing to this attack.

Which begs the question: is this a good tactic to take down spammers? Spamming is still roughly considered a legal "gray area", since not every state can agree on what constitutes actual spamming activity. But a DDOS: that's punishable, and especially if you have conspiratorial messages like this one loudly proclaiming that such activity is about to occur, seeded by the very same two people this website has identified publicly: isn't that the perfect grounds for suing these individuals and demanding compensation?

I think so. Plus it has the added benefit of obviously removing two more from the ranks of idiot spammers who don't know when to actually stop emailing people who don't want their crap. has always been a good place to get at least a litmus test of general spammer activity, but much of what occurs on that forum is behind the scenes, usually via nothing more than private messages or other offline communications methods.

Mr. Danger should be more careful about how publicly he proclaims something requires "Taking down." For the benefit of those readers who do not know the true character of this charming individual, I will quote from a few gems he's also posted on this forum, all of which hint at a vast array of illegal activity that he participates in liberally, and apparently with no sense of morals whatsoever.

Regarding setting up so-called "bulletproof" servers in a posting from Sept., 2006:

Posted: Mon Sep 25, 2006 5:42 pm
Post subject: Inhibitors OF Free Speech.......


...are they all!

AS a bit of a Newbie, it seems to me that one must own about nine dozen domains purchased in the names of freinds, relatives, acquaintaneces, homeless people(Homeless people will do ANYTHING for a six pack or a pint of Viaka!), your cats and your dogs and just keep moving.

I have found that most "BP" servers are good for a short period and the same with sites from which one blasts out the mail.

It might be best to just keep moving, hide your payment gateways as much as possible and let them dump your domains and sites.

This of course requires WORK on your part; to keep moving but a moving target is a lot harder to hit than a deer in the headlights!

It is also possible to be one's own DNS but I haven't the foggiest idea how!

Someone on the old forum suggested this and I would like to figure out how to do it as that way you would be recieveing the complaints and could round-file them, at least for a while.

Any thoughts?

Nick Danger.


Homelss people are also good straw men for bank accouts but take them to a bank far away from the alley in which they live as they will soon foget where you have taken them and do not leave them with any banking info.

You then extract the money from the account using an ATM card and the money is NOT traceable to you!

Heh, heh.

Did I say that?
He walks again by night.

Isn't that great? He'll use a homeless person to set up a domain for him and then benefit from it, when they are the ones who can be tracked back to his illegal activity. Charming, I say again.

In October of 2006, he also described in quite a bit of detail how an average pump and dump stock spamming scam works:

Posted: Wed Oct 04, 2006 4:05 pm
Post subject: OK, Here It Is.............


Don't waste your time and resources mailing for someone else on this plan.

What you do is to get someone with at least $10-12K to invest that money in the penny stock of your choice.

You as the mailer then pump up the stock in millions of messages.

You want your freind to buy on Wed or Thursday and you send out your emails on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

On Monday you keep a VERY close watch on the stock and 90% of the time, you will see the stock rise 6 or more percent.

On Tuesday your freind sells out and the profit will be in the 6-20% area, depending on how well you have worded your email, your delivery rate and how intriguing is the penny stock.

Now 6% of $10K is not a lot of money by itself but if you consider that for this plan to work you should be mailing every week and if you have someone with $50K to invest at the rate of $10K in each of several stocks, the numbers start adding up quickly.

You must keep as much paper distance between yourself and the actual stockholder as the FTC and SEC take a dim view of this practice and will put you in jail if they catch you at so use only overseas mailers, etc.

When setting up this little thingy do NOT use emails, cell phones and keep no written notes.

You can use pre-paid cell phones which are traceable to no one.

Also, you as the mailer NEVER want to actually hold any of the stock in your name or the name of any relative or close freind; you do NOT want this traced back to you!

Good luck!
He walks again by night.

He wrote a followup in the exact same thread dated January 21st, 2007

Posted: Sun Jan 21, 2007 3:24 pm
Post subject: Or...................................................


If you want to pump-and-dump for yourself and let's face it; all stock mailing is about pump-and-dump (Sorry, gang but that IS the reality!), you get someone with a minimum of ten grand to buy the stock.

Now you don't want any overt connection to this guy, do don't use email, phone calls; meet in resturants and bars like Tony soprano meets his guys.


NO IM messaging, NO AIM, NO ICQ, etc.

Your front man buys the stock in his or his compny's name.

A few weeks later, you mail for that stock predicting all sorts of wonderfulness and that money will just be lying around.

You should send these emails on a Wednesday or Thursday.

Come Monday, your guy is sitting at HIS computer wataching that stock like a hawk watches a mouse in a field.

When it goes up 6-8%, which it will if you've emailed properly, he sells.

6% of 10 grand is $600.00


You now have around $10,550.00 to work the next one.

If your guy has, let's say $50K available, you can work several of these at the same time.

Don't so it too often under the same acount though; move around your portfolio among the discount brokers so that you do not draw attention to your little "thang".

This is how it really works and it has nothing to do with these compnaies "raising capital", "funding research", etc; none of the claims made are true.

ALL stock mailing is connected to a pump-and-dump plan so let's not gild the lily and let's also face reality.

Is this legal?

Probably not.

Is it ethical?

When discussing anything connected with the stock market the terms "ethical" and "stocks" are mutually exclusive, so who cares?


Nick Danger.
He walks again by night.

Anyone remotely familiar with several press releases over the past several months from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will be painfully aware that what Mr. Danger is describing is a federally illegal act in numerous countries (not only the United States, where "Nick Danger" is located,) and is punishable by heavy fines and real jail time.

His abuse of the identity of homeless people is also a federal crime, punishable by anywhere from 10 - 20 years in prison and several hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines.

If he follows through with his DDOS attack, I believe the time will be ripe for the operators of Spam-Court to follow up with a lawsuit. In fact I even know some successful spam-fighting lawyers who could help with that. :)


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Forseti said...

This is a nice post SiL.

The recent post by Marion is indeed very eloquent! Thank you for bringing this matter to the attention of those who are not avid bulkerforum lurkers.

Your note concerning their desire of retribution for free speech is interesting. It seems ironic that spammers, who hide behind the "right to free speech and expression" so often, would be so ready to suppress it when it is not their own. This is not unlike the site where spammers complain about being spammed...