Thursday, May 24, 2007

Now Hiring: Copywriters for My Canadian Pharmacy Spammers

Another series of idiot spammers for well-known illegal pharmacy operation "My Canadian Pharmacy" has decided to switch things up lately.

First they started adding very large attachment gifs - none of which got through any filters by the way - featuring urls like "". They look ridiculous and ugly, and you don't click on them, you have to type the url in. Their sales must just be going through the roof with techniques like that in place.

Then today I get this lovely bit of colloquial copy in a new spam:

Guys, why should you waste your time going from one grugstore
to another and spend much more money for the pills?
Here in our store you will find everything you desire for the
really lowest prices. Our products are of the highest quality
and absolutely discrete.
LIve the full life, enjoy every moment of it - do not let
yourself feel discomfortable

Yeah why should I? Guys? Huh? Why should I waste my time going from one "grugstore" to another for the to have of some with pills buying?

Even remedial knowledge of the English language would be a detriment to these idiots and their attempts at "marketing."

Take the hint, you stupid pathetic idiots: we don't want to hear from you. "Spicing up" your copy is no more likely to get me to click on your stupid links or buy anything from you. Quite the opposite. It makes me want to shut every single one of your sites down. Fortunately, this is something I and several colleagues have been getting more and more effective at. So keep it up -- Or, as you so eloquently put it, "do not let yourself feel discomfortable" -- We'll investigate and report every single one of these sites.

Just another reminder: don't buy the fake drugs these criminals are pushing. They kill people. And these spammers don't care at all.



Anonymous said...

Great blog, SiL. I want to take the time and go through the entire thing, your posts on Kill Spammers are very informative! Thanks. - anti-spammer, M.

Anonymous said...

It's not that they dont care SiL. Well, some don't. The rest just like to think the guy they're dealing with is good enough to get legit stuff.

IKillSpammerz said...

It appears that based on comments on bulkerforum and others: only a very small minority do care. The rest of them chime in with "Oh well... back to business" or some such nonsense. They're callous and very much a huge part of this problem. Like all spammers: greed wins over honesty or legitimacy.