Thursday, November 5, 2009 DDOS #3

As many of you may now be aware, the forum I assist in maintaining known as InBox Revenge is down at the moment.

That's because someone out there (you can imagine who) seems to have randomly gotten pissed off at my team's research. Which research in particular? I have no idea. It wasn't a particularly busy month so far.

The attack is ongoing and likely costing someone lots of money. The good news about that is: this has become a great means of logging the attack as much as possible for both law enforcement agencies and the security community.

If you're a member of that community, feel free to contact me via comments. (I won't publish them if you don't want me to.) This attack already answers several questions that a lot of security websites were asking back in February.

As for our research: it's still ongoing. The forum has only been one of numerous ways we stay in touch.

Thanks to those who got in touch with me already about this, and thanks for your patience if you're a regular reader of that forum.

I'd also like to recommend our hosting company,, who provide excellent uptime as well as fantastic security and support services.

More as it happens.

SiL / IKS / concerned citizen

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It only costs money if the attacker has to hire a botnet for the purpose, but we know that
1. Andy owns his own
2. Andy was again refused membership the day before the attack

It's not that hard to figure. The attack on Castlecops was over something as trivial as that, too. One twit who had his access limited.