Thursday, November 20, 2008

SanCash and AffKing are Back To Spamming Everyone On The Planet

Well look who's back. It's SanCash / AffKing again!

With this incredible scientific breakthrough formula, massive gains can be achieved is just a few short weeks.

As advertised on TV and FHM. Rediscover your male verve and virility, with the same product as seen on TV and FHm. Results indicate 97% of men report rapid growth within weeks.

Link is promoting "PowerGain+", the latest iteration of VPXL / Express Herbal / PowerEnlarge / Elite Herbal / MaxGain+ / Manster / ManXL / etc. etc. etc.

And also look at this:

Impress your business colleagues and stun the ladies at the club today with that incredibly expensive timepiece today!

The ultimate in making a fashion and wealth statement: a branded timepiece on your wrist. Nothing says success more than a $50,000 bling watch strapped around your wrist, to go along with your party clothes or your power business suit.

Prestige Replicas, back from the grave. Yet another SanCash property. I've also seen spam for King Replica, another of their multiple replica watch sites.

To whoever is sending this spam: Are you utterly without a single brain cell? Do you really think this is a wise idea?

There are numerous standing court orders and injunctions from several countries specifically demanding that this activity stop. You haven't stopped. You're operating in violation of the law. If you really want to go to jail that much quicker, or at least have all of your ill-gotten profits removed more rapidly, then perhaps I understand why you'd suddenly begin sending this crap again.

Especially in light of this past year's events regarding the shutdown of illegal spammers: whoever you are, you're exhibiting an astonishing lack of intelligence (and greed) by continuing to send unwanted, illegal spam promoting these "products."

Every single one of these messages are being backed up and sent to numerous law enforcement agencies (and the FTC), who I assure you will have no difficulty in finding you, shutting you down, and seizing all of your income from this activity.

SanCash spammers are among the stupidest people on this planet, and they have just proven it again.

SiL / IKS / concerned citizen


Anonymous said...

I propose a sanction against spammers helping them to think twice or more before sending their crap: a taser shock for each and every time one of their shit reaches offends a sincere internet user. death would be to sweet for them. at the moment, they are extremely annoying with their Santa, Love and other stuff: do they really think we are as stupid as their american fellows?

IKillSpammerz said...

> at the moment, they are extremely annoying with their Santa,
> Love and other stuff: do they really think we are as stupid
> as their american fellows?

They're counting on it.

Nobody ever said that spammers or their supporters were intelligent in any way, and they've proven time and time again that they have the average IQ of a crysanthemum. That has not stopped them from continuing to send to the literally millions of recipients who they know don't want to receive this crap.