Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Marion Lynn Is Wrong (Again)

It was brought to my attention recently that Marion Lynn (yes, him again. Bear with me, I'll try to be brief) is under the erroneous assumption that I am posting all over the place about him, and essentially harassing him in forums unrelated to spam using the nickname "snap_pop_no_crackle".

An example can be found here, in which Marion responds to the user named snap_pop_no_crackle regarding a story about Auschwitz (warning: not a lot of sensible discussion going on over there.)

14 January 2008 at 8:15 p.m.

snap_pop_no_crackle (Anonymous) says...

snap writes:

















14 January 2008 at 8:34 p.m.

Marion Lynn

Marion (Marion Lynn) says...

Well, Sil, A**hole or "Snap"; whatver is appropriate, I intend to make my recollections and research available as a free downloadable E-book because I believe that it contains infomation which cannot be found elsewhere and that the information is important to our understanding of history.

Just to set the record straight: I am not that user. Nor do I post on ljworld. Nor would I ever.

I also am not the same username (snap_pop_no_crackle) who is posting on Marion's own rather ridiculous forum, rivercitytalk. (I'm not linking to it. You can find it pretty easily yourself.) I personally believe that snap_pop_no_crackle is a user who originally commented on my blog anonymously back in June 2007:


Anonymous said...

for a mass spanking of Marion.

6/07/2007 06:32:00 PM

I could be wrong. It could be someone else. I hadn't even seen that posting, and you can see numerous comments by that user. This was the first I'd ever heard of it, or the username snap_pop_no_crackle. It's still a pretty good read, but that is not me.

Just to further clarify: The only monikers I have ever used to identify myself in all things spam-related are:

• SiL (short for SpamIsLame)
• IKS (short for IKillSpammers)
• concerned citizen

Marion can believe what he wants, but he's (as usual) mistaken.

Which calls into question the quality of the information he's been using to out several members of Bulkerforum. I notice all posting has come to a complete halt at since last November. Much of what he posted didn't amount to actual "evidence" in the first place. Just a litany of names. Clearly he was on the right track with a few of them, notably Phantom. But where's the beef?

I've got one for him to try and dig up: the admin of What's his name? Where does he live? What else does he run besides

I would bet dollars to donuts that Marion hasn't got a clue. Not that it really matters anyway; that forum has essentially cannibalized itself.

Anyway. Now that that's off my chest, back I go to fight more VPXL spam.



Anonymous said...

This is a very entertaining and amusing post, keep up the good work, SiL.

IKillSpammerz said...

hehe... Or something.

It's only amusing in that he continues to post dubious information based on not much. This after lying to everyone about how I discovered who he was. Whatever.

Much more important targets out there.

Thanks for the kind words.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm the original snap_pop_no_crackle. Yes, I was the one who sent you the link in June 2007. I wasn't aware that somebody was posting under that name on Marion's 'forum'. I check out that stinking pit once in a while thru a proxy server, but have never registered or posted there. I am also snap_pop_no_crackle at
This is all very amusing.


IKillSpammerz said...

> This is all very amusing.

Or something. :) Of course the great Marion Lynn in the sky will not take any of this as the truth. It will just be further ammunition for him to run his mouth off some more.

Thanx for commenting.