Monday, September 17, 2007

Nick Danger's Mouth Rides Again (by night)

So as I mentioned, Nick Danger (aka: Marion Sidney Lynn) has been blabbing away on NANAE regarding the alleged treasure trove he claims to have regarding the personal data of several high-ranking members of

On Sept. 15th, he created what appears to be a very crude site outlining the personal data and recent malicious activity of bulkerforum member "lizza", who he claims is actually named Stephen Joseph. He posted a new entry to NANAE featuring a link to his glorious creation. I thought I'd take a gander and outline some of the details of the posting here in the event it all goes down (which these things have a nasty habit of doing.)

As I mentioned before: Nick Danger is both a gasbag and a small fry, and my subsequent research, tempered with his own blatherings, has borne out that he probably hasn't ever sent email 1 for promotional purposes. This doesn't preclude him from acting illegally of course. Aggravated identity theft and fraud, not to mention stock manipulation, are still very serious crimes -- at least: the last time I checked. He's still never disavowed performing any of those acts despite boasting loudly on bulkerforum about alllll the sordid instructions concerning how to do so and never get caught.

So. First off, here's a screenshot of the site as he created it (oh and of course, this is definitely NSFW, knowing mr. Danger's prowess with the profanity):

[Edit, June 2008: Due to changes at HideBehind, this screenshot is missing. It will be re-uploaded momentarily.]

Note: it's rather long. This is Marion Lynn we're talking about. The man needs to hire an editor. I have an entire copy of the page should anyone require its full contents. I have not altered a single line of it.

In the lengthy one-pager, he outlines where Lizza / Joseph lives, and that on a certain night between 1:13 AM and 1:21 AM, lizza boasted about ddos'ing or otherwise attacking the bulkerforum website, at ip address That IP address is in Brasil, and is one of five ip addresses which the forum has routinely bounced between since I started doing my own research on them (Sep. 2006.)

He lists some very non-threatening personal details such as where he went to highschool, and what his MySpace identity is. Not much anyone can dig up from that.

He alleges that Joseph lives in Chula Vista, California. How does he know this? Likely from a variety of lengthy conversations they may have had via a variety of means. It sounds like Marion and Steve had some kind of close contact in the past while. I'm not sure what that would be regarding but it certainly seems to point that way.

He also divulges one of lizza's email addresses ( I'm sure by now even lizza doesn't even use email for any legitimate communication, thanx to the damage done to that medium by scumbag spammers like him.

The more interesting stuff is in the variety of postings which Marion has posted below that. It's a lengthy re-posting of what appear to be forum postings from a variety of members. I'm not sure if this is from bulkerforum or what, but there are conversations between a variety of members. It's possible that these are even private messages from bulkerforum, or another forum. I can't be sure. The members which are quoted include:

  • lizza

  • icanspam

  • Third Eye

How did he get this information? And who gave it to him?

He also divulges that lizza (on bulkerforum) also goes by the usernames "Flores9xxx" and "nugs". In the previous NANAE posting he also lists the usernames "proyboy", and the nick names "Stevie" or "shorty". He also claims (apparently erroneously) that lizza also went by the name "seven" at one point.

Then "Nick Danger" claims to be quoting a pm between lizza and himself, but using the username "Third Eye". He goes into a great deal of detail about lizza's connection to a company called Lead Point ( lizza claims that's a red herring but who knows? This is either good research or a massive, meandering wild goose chase.

Also: Does everyone on bulkerforum have this many usernames and aliases?! It's a bit ridiculous event to me. You'd think this was the Lucchese crime family family for god's sake.

Finally: the geocities site makes it clear that bulkerforum appears to be a leaky boat at the very least, and that several higher-up members seem to be sharing private member information in a very loose fashion. Nick Danger wants to make it sound like a problem of some urgency ("IS PHANTOM GIVING OUT YOUR INFO?", etc.) but again: since phantom barely ever says anything on there lately, it's hard to be sure whether Nick is on the right track or not. But clearly: somebody got this info via some means unknown to members of that forum, and it somehow made its way to Marion Lynn. I guess only he will know who gave it to him, or when, or why. I don't personally care. As long as law enforcement are watching all of this it's just fine by me. :)

Since the chat transcript makes it at least semi-clear that lizza is willing to perform a cyber attack against a forum he's already a member of (!!), this makes him a pretty prime target for folks like me whose forum is currently under an anonymous sustained attack (week #5, and my threat still stands.) As I mentioned, this is only one of several attacks currently underway.

So I have handed all of this over to law enforcement in the event it turns out to be useful. :)

I personally feel that the sustained attacks against all of the spam and fraud research sites are being coordinated from Russian sources, and I am narrowing down a list of who that might be. I'll obviously post more as I get it. (Though not before notifying several legal channels first.)

I've also begun several investigations into the background of Steve Joseph / flores99x / nugs / lizza in the event anything can be turned up in that regard. He probably knows enough shady scumbags to pull off one or more of these types of events.

Lizza has always struck me as easily the most paranoid of the bulkerforum members (a close second would be phantom or Crypto, but they now post so seldom it's impossible to tell anymore.)

An aside: a representative of spamhaus named Susan responded to Nick Danger's NANAE posting (linked above), referring to bulkerforum member phantom as "the Australian megalomaniac". That's tantalizing. He rarely gives up any information whatsoever, so I'm digging into that also. (And handing whatever I find over to Spamhaus and Australian law enforcement, if that's where he truly is located.)

This is a bad year to be a spammer of any sort. By my count there have been 7 major arrests just since March of 2007, and three very large-scale court cases (two of which are still pending.) On a daily basis we see new news items of several investigations discovering new suspects and illegal operations, all fed by spam. It's a zero-sum game which just appears to be taking longer than usual to be taken down from the inside out. Why on earth would anyone knowingly become an email spammer in this climate? Why would anyone want to keep doing it? The profits are outweighed by the obvious risks. Apparently nobody in that community appears to be aware of any of this.

Which is a good thing, ultimately. I hope they lock up the whole lot of them and throw away the key. I've never in my life been bombarded on such a frequent basis by illegal advertisements from such a huge group of idiot scum in my entire life.

Keep it up, spamming morons. You'll see exactly where it gets you.

SiL / IKS / concerned citizen.


Anonymous said...

Dude, you are expending way too much energy into tearing other people down. What are you? Like 12?

IKillSpammerz said...

I'm actually expending very little energy doing this. I'm merely re-posting what others have already posted, including Mr. Danger.

Also: I continue to be personally offended by the likes of Mr. Danger and his band of spammer friends who refuse to stop sending spam for illegal pharmacy operations. This blog as well as my research (all of which feeds federal law enforcement in three countries) is the only thing that's caused this spam to slow down.

You want to see people expend too much energy (or act "like 12",) take a gander at


Anonymous said...

Marion has recently brought his own forum back from the dead. I'd advise going thru a proxy server if you want to check it out. rivercitytalk dot com
Its home to the sort of racist trash-talking scum that you would expect Marion outingbulkerbiz Lynn to associate with.

IKillSpammerz said...


He was forced to shut that site down over a year ago.

Not much else to say about him. He's been kicked out of bulkerforum and I imagine nobody would ever do business with him again. (Nobody involved in online marketing at least.)


Anonymous said...

Sil, the latest update is: Marion finally got flushed from the LJW forum. His own forum has gone down the memory hole. I'm sure he'll be back in some form, but it was nice to see him take a hit.

IKillSpammerz said...

Hey: thank you for that update! :)

Not that he was all that consequential in the first place but it's nice to know he's worn out so many welcomes.