Monday, May 14, 2007

Nick Danger, Meet Tinfoil Hat! appear to be continuing to fight the good fight. :) I intend to back up every posting in the event that an actual DDOS does take place against that site, or that they have to be taken down due to what appear to be baseless lawsuits.

Some quotations:

We are extremely sorry, Dreamhost ....

Posted May 13th, 2007 by TheScribblers
... that you maybe will have to waste your time on wannabe spammers who appear to think they are legal experts. Marion has apparently been reading himself up to the status of a legal genius and posted the following on

..... so I am going to hit the registrar and the host with a "Cease and Desist" letter. We'll see if those boys wake up then!

Now we don't think Marion will do that. We have been reading some of his writings elsewhere and he does not appear to be full of legal expertise, but mostly "I have been reading myself up"'s and hot air.

But just in case.

A couple of months back we found the following article on the Dreamhost blog:

Dealing With A DMCA Crook

This is good stuff. From the looks of it, "Nick Danger" has slipped up a few times in public forums, spam-court has done some research based on that and posted his assumptions, and "Nick Danger" now apparently seems to think that the spam-court website is somehow clairvoyant. He doesn't appear to be able to keep track of where he posts which things, and assumes that people are monitoring his every word via whatever means he happens to broadcast them. This is needlessly paranoiac.

To whit:

This is an unwise scenario for anyone to enter.

I never forget, I never forgive and I always exact retribution; to Hell with revenge!

[snipping a long-winded babble quoting Shakespeare]

I will tell you ALL this...................................................

Change your passwords right now and be VERY careful about PMing through Bulker.

I have reason to believe that some PMs are being read by unauthourised parties.

ADMIN should step up security, like RIGHT NOW!

Wow! Such bluster! While Mr. Danger is hiding under his bed, let's review his activities over the past weeks:

Step 1: he posts voluminously regarding his intent to send a legal action to Spam-Court.

Step 2: Spam-court posts this on their website.

Step 3: He starts quoting lyrics to a song and making mention of "fair use", apropos of nothing.

Step 4: Spam-court appears to correctly identify that he's sending him some copyright-related legal action, and does the proper due diligence anyone facing legal action should do.

This is all reasonable research, and in fact it ties closely to similar research I myself have been doing. Cease and Desist inevitably leads to some investigation of the DMCA (possibly the most flawed law ever passed in US history.)

But let's continue the path shall we?

Step 5: Nick Danger, apparently forgetting which forum he's posting to, mistakenly signs his posting with the name "Marion" on Naturally you'll have to register to read that, but I'll also quote it here:

Nick Danger
Joined: 15 Sep 2006
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Posted: Sat May 12, 2007 8:56 pm
Well, jerks at Spamkangaroocourt have run out of time so I am going to hit the registrar and the host with a "Cease and Desist" letter.

We'll see if those boys wake up then!


He walks again by night.

Which merely backs up that spam-court is correct in identifying him as "Marion". He identified himself as Marion!

Step 6: Any child could perform a google search for the lyrics to Cabaret, but look what happens when you search for them with the name Marion.

Why it's the very same posting as the one made on! Almost to the letter! Only it's dated April 5th, 2006.

Also: thanks to his own posting, we have his full name: Marion Lynn. And all we had to use was Google, to find a post that he himself made. If this is a coincidence, it has to be among the steepest coincidences ever.

Does he want Lawrence Journal World ( to "cease and desist" as well? Shouldn't Marion Lynn actually be suing Marion Lynn? I mean: he's the one posting this crap in the first place, not spam-court.

All we want is for Nick Danger / Marion Sidney Lynn (hey guess what? That was also available via Google!) to stop emailing the millions of people who don't want to receive his pathetic stock spam, something which he posts about at great length in

I wonder if his friends and colleagues know that he's a spammer? I wonder if they're aware that he abuses the identities of homeless people, apparently for purposes of his own greed and profit? They should. Maybe that's why he doesn't want sites like spam-court (or this blog, probably) to keep posting this information, yet he won't shut up about it himself. but even if we didn't post it: any fool could find it.

Needless to say: I have handed all of this information over to the SEC and the DOJ, both of whom have been watching the bulkerforum site for quite some time now - something I'm sure the operators of that website must be keenly aware of.

More as it happens, as it almost certainly will be...

IKS / SiL / concerned citizen

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Anonymous said...

Nice work, spam-court and SiL! This is certainly i... Nice work, spam-court and SiL! This is certainly interesting stuff (to nerds like me at least.)

Keep at it. One day these stupid spammers will learn: we don't enjoy hearing from them.