Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Do Not Buy Pharmaceuticals Online!

Among the myriad spam messages I receive from the Russian criminals behind "Canadian Pharmacy", came this idiotic missive:
There's a lot of information online but people continue to ask us whether they can trust online drugstores.

We present you the official results of the research made by Independent Research Organization.

All medications are supplied from the leading manufacturers known in pharmaceutical field. The selection of drugs is impressive.

"Canadian Phamacy" site


Our major goal is to make your life easier and happier!

Lora Goulette

Also this one for Elite Herbals, from the same individual spammer if not the same exact criminal organization:
Greeting INFO
Whoever said that Doctors are the only ones that can treat all health =
related matters obviously never did their homework..

debbie Wayt

As everyone has mentioned before: spammers lie. They lie constantly. They lie with every single word that they send us, and every website that they build. These messages are no different.

Doctors, as we all know, are "the only ones that can treat all health related matters." The statement from these spammers is a flat-out lie. They know this. They don't care.

There is a lot of information online. But that information very stringently recommends against purchasing pharmaceuticals online, especially the more dangerous ones. Viagra most definitely falls into this category due to its vascular and hormonal side effects.

They obviously are presenting us no "results of the research" (who, precisely is the "Independent Research Organization"? Could they be any more obvious in their lies?)

As we all know: their "major goal" is not to make our lives easier and happier. Their major goal is to drain our wallets and bank accounts, and possibly to kill us all in the process. The number of reported deaths this year due to fake or counterfeit pharmaceuticals has risen to a point where news media outlets are reporting them more often, and with a broader spotlight. It's not merely a band of clandestine reporters focused on illegal spammers and their dangerous and provably lethal "products", it's Reuters, the New York Times, the Canadian Press, and of course Law Enforcement entities around the world.

Today, the Canadian Press released a news story that was on the front page of a very popular daily newspaper in my city. The story is available here and is definitely worth a read. That daily paper is read by some 300,000 people in my city. That's only one of several major newspapers which carried the story.

Canadian Pharmacy's days have got to be numbered. It's been ages since I saw anything from the My Canadian Pharmacy, or International Legal RX sites. The Russian morons behind this patently illegal operation have chosen to focus almost exclusively on the Canadian Pharmacy front end. I'm watching them, and so are many members of law enforcement. They are becoming increasingly desperate in their attempts to get a message past spam filters. (Neither of the messages above did, by the way.) They have co-opted templates from major email campaigns from legitimate companies in the hopes of both poisoning those companies' whitelist status, and planting even more spam in your inbox instead of your spam folder.

Consumers have overwhelmingly made it clear that they don't want to keep seeing this crap, but these Russian scumbags don't care. They think it's their right to continue sending dozens of messages repeatedly every day to millions of people who have already stated very firmly: we don't want this.

What kind of brilliant minds are behind this obviously misguided marketing technique? This is absolutely the stupidest methodology I've ever heard of. And it probably isn't even working, judging by how quickly the sites go down and how varied the message style seems to be.

Don't ever purchase anything from these criminals. You'll be funding what amounts to terrorists in my opinion, and very likely endangering your health. You also are very likely to have your personal data stolen. These assholes run phishing websites on the side and have ties to child porn operations. If you think they're careful with your personal data you are in for a very rude awakening.

Until I stop seeing spam from Canadian Pharmacy and their family of illegal websites, I will not stop warning people never to spend their money there.

Don't support Russian criminal gangs and their dangerous illegal pharmacy operations.

SiL / IKS / concerned citizen


pupillo59 said...

i received 2 or 3 of this messages every day
anything I can do to stop them?

IKillSpammerz said...

You can report the domains to their registrars using the complainterator: