Wednesday, September 12, 2007

DDOS Attackers = Whiny, Spoiled Little Children

One would have to assume that the recent arrests, convictions, charges, domain and DNS reporting, and general retaliation against several hundred spam operations has finally had the desired effect on these scumbag's bottom line.

As I write this, numerous websites are under sustained attacks from a botnet numbering in the hundreds of thousands (very likely the Storm Worm botnet.):

  • Castlecops

  • KillSpammers

  • Spamnation




Several of them are mitigating the attacks, some with a great deal of success.

Whoever it is that's doing this, you sure are exposing yourself by attacking so many anti-spam websites in one go. But since you're an idiot, you probably didn't think about covering your tracks very well.

If you think we won't find you: you're wrong.

If you think international law enforcement isn't watching this: you're wrong.

I will start releasing VERY personal data on known spammers very soon if this attack doesn't stop, one way or another. Damaging personal information which will make life very very difficult for several known spammers and their business interests. It might be here on this blog, or on any number of other blogs, or it might just be via clandestine messages to private individuals who you likely do not want this information getting to.

If you think I'm kidding around: you're wrong.

Keep it up. For all the stealth you're employing during this attack, you might as well walk into the middle of a public square, drop your pants and scream out: "Look at me! I'm a DDOS attacker! I am so dangerous!" What kind of childish idiots are you?

One day, very soon, your profits are going straight into the toilet. We all know this. You can cry about it via DDOS'ing all you like: it changes nothing.

Spammers are idiotic little brats.

SiL / IKS / concerned citizen

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