Thursday, June 7, 2007

Spam-Court - Gone but not forgotten.

Well there we have it. The members of have successfully managed to bully spam-court off the grid: is currently under maintenance, has crashed, gone to pieces or whatever. ddos or hacking are also possible explanations. But we have no idea what the specific reason may be. We could be back shortly or not at all. Thank you for your eternal patience. Now do something useful, like hunt down a spammer.
Contact if you have any questions.
This is likely due to their ISP receiving some manner of frivolous lawsuit. If you go over to you will see a lot more bluster from Nick Danger a.k.a. Marion Lynn. I find his whole approach to all of this interesting. In sequence, the following events took place to get us to here. See if you can follow his "logic":

  • spam-court and I both began discovering a series of interesting links which made it clear that Nick Danger was very likely to be Marion Lynn.

  • We slowly began exposing that information, largely because the man is an unconscionable windbag with no moral fibre whatsoever. That seemed to hit a nerve.

  • Nick Danger posted a threat directed at spam-court:

These fuckers need the TREATMENT!

"Spamhaus, Junior"!

SOMEONE needs to do a "Blue Security" on them, like RIGHT THE FUCK NOW!

If this post reads as though I am calling for open warfare on these bastards; that is EXFUCKINGZACTLY what I am doing!.

  • Spam-court correctly assumed that that must mean some manner of DDOS attack, since that is precisely what happened to Blue Security.

  • His DDOS threat was removed by the admins of, and Nick Danger suddenly started backpedalling, stating on the forum that he would send a cease and desist letter, implying that spam-court had somehow stated things which he had not said, or had stated things which were untrue. He never backs any of this up with actual proof.

  • He starts posting statements that spam-court are "are going nuts over there just as I predicted." Why he feels this way is beyond me. (Or anyone else for that matter.)

  • He then begins posting on bulkerforum that he is, as we assumed, Marion Lynn, and that in general we have been right on the money.

Well, by now nearly everyone on the planet knows that my given name is "Marion".


Oh, well.

Big Fucking Deal.

What they do not know is ME!

  • This is an odd thing to say when you're in the midst of telling someone else to cease and desist from doing so. He further confirms that he does indeed have indepth knowledge of how to cover his tracks and how to profit from an illegal market manipulation like stock spamming. But that the knowledge of the act and performing the act are two different things.

  • He posts another tersely-worded entry on stating that he has never spammed, and that (for example) he might know how to build an atom bomb, but that doesn't mean that he is actively making one. The line was edited by one of the admins mere moments after being entered. He also claims he sent what he thinks was a threatening image to someone at spamhaus. (From the description he gave it sounds really ridiculous, not threatening.)

  • In the same posting he claims he mistakenly left his real name when he registered to What he's completely missing is that that is NOT how any of us discovered his real name. It was painfully obvious that he was the same person posting on numerous other forums. (ironically: something that "anyone" genuinely could discover with a little Googling.)

  • A few posts later he claims that he's always been interested in spamming and that he can't wait to get started doing so, calling it "both the best thing going and the real future of advertising on the internet."

If he's trying to clear his name, he's certainly not going about it the right way at all.

If you are claiming that someone is defaming you, that has to be because:

a) What they are saying about you is not true and could never be proven.
b) What they are claiming you said or did has never been said or done by you.

He clearly HAS said these things. And if he "has knowledge" of how stock spamming works, especially to the level that he seems to, he would have to have acquired that knowledge from someone else who was that much more advanced in performing this (illegal, did I mention?) act.

And what better place to find such a person than on a forum specifically tailored to large-scale spamming, especially of illegal content such as stock spamming?

And now he's re-confirming - on - that he said all of this, and that he is who we thought he is, but that suddenly it's "no big deal." This is thoroughly confusing.

Lynn has since re-countered (at length, ad nauseum) on the NANAE news group that "anyone" could have found out the same information by merely performing a few google searches, and he provided three links to very basic top-level descriptions of what a pump-and-dump stock scam looks like. I know for a fact that that's complete bullshit. It was impossible to discover ANYTHING regarding how stock sponsors work in a stock spam operation, nor did any of these news websites he listed point to any further detailed information regarding the timing of the spam run, when to buy, when to sell, and how to cover your tracks while doing all of this. I know this because I was mad enough about the deluge of stock spam I receive every day that I read everything I could possibly find on the subject, and no major news website covered it to that level of detail.

The only place I ever saw any of this information - all of which can be covered under the charge "conspiracy to commit fraud" - was in his postings on

And now he's saying that he DID say these things. So which is it? If you're going to sue someone, you tend to need to stick to your story. I know that spam-court was aware of this, and they let their ISP know that this guy was probably going to be all bluster and hellfire, serving some ridiculous cease and desist.

Marion Lynn should just learn to shut up. After awhile: if you talk enough about performing a criminal act, the cops won't even care that you actually carry it out: they'll just ask you why you're mouthing off about it so much. I get the feeling that day will fast be approaching, and it won't even take a blog posting like mine (or spam-court) to make it happen.

But as you probably all know: I'd certainly love to help it along. :)

I honestly could care less about Marion Lynn anymore, and as such I don't plan on posting anything more about him (unless he starts piping up about this site also.) :) The man has no scruples, and he doesn't care who he pisses off. He should. Because if any legitimate businesspeople discovered he liked to hang around with the likes of the other charming members of a massive spamming forum, I imagine they wouldn't want much else to do with him.

One can always hope.

My thanks go out to the owners of spam-court wherever they are. Hopefully you can come back online someday. Meantime we'll continue to expose these fraudsters and criminals for what they really are.

SiL / IKS / concerned citizen


Anonymous said...

for a mass spanking of Marion.

Anonymous said...

Why do you say that Spam Court is down? I see no evidence of that. And all of that information about so many of its leading though dull lights is still there.

Come to think of it, now would be a good time to take a copy of it all. . . .

IKillSpammerz said...


It was down at the time I wrote that, for several hours. In light of Nick Danger's ridiculous blathering on about how a "shit storm" was ensuing, coupled with the recent and ongoing DDOS attack against Spamhaus and several of the block lists out there, I thought it was for good.

Thanks for notifying me. And yes! A full backup would probably be a good idea...

SiL / IKS / concerned citizen