Friday, December 14, 2007

Elite Herbal Exposed by BBC4, Blogger

Another quick one. Another intrepid investigator of illegal spammers, Spam In My Inbox, has joined the BBC in investigating the cretins behind the endless flood of unwanted "Elite Herbal" spam, drawing direct links between the Elite Herbal spam type, the GenBucks affiliate program, Tulip Labs in Mumbai, India (who create and ship the bogus "herbal remedies") and the actual spammer who hit the send button: Shane Atkinson of New Zealand.

It's a fascinating story and has apparently led to several new investigations.

You can listen to the show, BBC4's "The Investigation", here.

I have created a temporary download of an mp3 podcast of the show here, and I also created a complete transcript of the show here.

You can read SpamInMyInBox's response to the show here.

This is great news regarding this widely reviled group.


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