Tuesday, December 12, 2006

More illegal activity from FinestRX

In light of the recent drive-by virus install attempt by our idiot criminal "friends" at Pharma Shop, I am now also seeing a series of spams to one or more Hotmail accounts (strategically only Hotmail) which feature layouts scarfed from legitimate email campaigns (NBA, Better homes and gardens, etc.) featuring links to recently-hacked websites.

An example:

That featured a link to a porn website's Image directory which has been hacked:

hxxp : / /needpornmovies.com/Images/

That in turn redirects you to the payload website:

hxxp : / /finest-rx2.com/

Which is of course a pathetic course of action for this shitforbrains spammer to take.

The plus side for the spammers is: The email is getting through Hotmail's spam filters, and in doing so it's damaging the branding of (in this case) the NBA, or whichever other companies they hijack content from. It's also abusing the website of a third party, in this case a porn site which I believe is part of the "PerfectGonzo" affiliate stream. That indicates that this particular idiot spammer was shunned by that affiliate program and wanted to retaliate as only a whiny tantrum-throwing spammer would do: by abuse. I fully expect that that site probably was also the victim of a DDOS attack at some point recently.

All of which illustrates precisely how assinine and stupid these spammers can truly be. These are people with absolutely no moral fibre whatsoever.

I have sent them several "orders" using my usual batch of retaliation tools. I hope that eats up some of their precious profit.

FinestRX is yet another in a continuing stream of illegal pharmacy outlets. The odds of anyone actually receiving what they order is extremely low. The odds of the product being genuine are nonexistant. The odds of your personal data being sold to a gang of Russian or Ukranian criminals is extremely high. As if I needed to say it: don't shop at online pharmacies which you only hear about via spam.

To whoever is behind FinestRX specifically: you are just about the most desperate, pathetic individual I have ever had the misfortune of fighting against. Your days are numbered. Count on it.


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